Overview of the Madden Mobile Game

Madden Mobile Tricks

American football is a game that every teenager and adult loves to watch. By playing Madden Mobile game, it is almost like being a part of the team and playing it live. You can be a super player in your game or you can manage a team of your choice and play against opponents under the glare of floodlights and in the centre of the field. It is almost like a dream come true and you also get to win rewards such as currencies and coins for using the best strategies and leading your team to thumping victories.

When you manage your team you can choose your own team logo, choose the dress that you prefer and adorn your players with articles that you like. You can purchase them at the in-app stores. Building an Ultimate team that wins is the goal and you can do it by acquiring good players and getting many coins to strengthen your team. As you play more events you can earn more coins. Use elite players whenever possible according to the need of the team and the strength of the player. Make sure to do some research on the player before buying them at the Auction as each player has his own individual strength. Through good strokes and timing you can be on the winning track and gain more currencies.

Playing the offense and the defense is the main strategies that have to be studied. Get strong players for these positions as they require good running moves, make good defense formation, play as good quarterbacks and avoid penalties. By going through the strength and weakness of the players you can pick good and elite players. When you buy or sell players buy them cheap and sell them high to make good profits. You can do this by getting them at auctions. Bid your time and do not jump in at the wrong moves to get profitable bargains.


When playing Madden Mobile game, you should remember that the players you have play an important role in making you win or lose the game. This is why the Golden value players pack is important and is also worth the Madden Cash spent. The 10 players which you get from the golden value pack have significant advantage over the others and will help you win the fight fair and square. However, Madden Cash can be bought with real-world currency and will require you to spend actual money.

If you find difficulty in playing the game or are in a hurry to earn more coins, you can always use the madden mobile tricks for coins which will come in handy. The Madden Mobile game has come a long way since its introduction and the mobile version of the game is getting close to perfection with the release of new versions every year. This is the ultimate game that will quench your thirst for football as you start playing the game.

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